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We answer all your burning questions about our nut milk.

Read through these Q&A's and if you still have questions, send us an email at info@thealmondcreamery.co.za or a message via our Contact Us page.

Is there any dairy milk in our nut milk? 

No, our nut milk is made only with plant-based ingredients like macadamia and almond nuts and is therefore a dairy-free milk alternative. No animal products here!

Is nut milk good for me? 

Yes! Nut milk contains many vitamins and minerals including minerals like calcium, potassium and magnesium plus Vitamins E, Riboflavin (B2) and biotin. Macadamia nuts have a healthy ratio of omega-3 and omega-6, which is important for healthy skin, immune function and mental focus. For more about why we add macadamia nuts, check out our blog post

How many calories are in nut milk? 

Pure unsweetened almond milk contains approximately 120 calories per 100g. Our nut milk has not been tested by a lab as yet, however we will keep you updated as soon as we know the exact nutritional breakdown - sign up to our newsletter to keep updated on our latest news.

Is nut milk low-carb? 

Nut milk is naturally low in carbs. Our flavoured blends are sweetened with all-natural sugars from dates with approximately 8g sugars per 100g. Our Vanilla blend is sweetened with Xylitol, a natural sweetener that does not affect blood sugar levels, and is perfect for those who are insulin resistant, diabetic or avoiding sugar for other health reasons. Our Classic blend is totally unflavoured and contains no sweetener at all. 

How much nut milk can I drink? 

Our nut milk is made from pure, raw macadamia and almond nuts, so you can feel assured that what you’re putting in your body is made from only the best natural ingredients we can find! 

How many nuts are actually in nut milk? 

Typically, most Tetrapak brands contain only about 2% nuts. The rest is made up of water, flavourants, preservatives and sugar. The Almond Creamery nut milk contains almond 5 times more nuts than any other brand, with the rest consisting of filtered water and other natural ingredients like dates, cacao powder, spices and coffee beans.

5 times more nuts = 5 times more nutrition & 5 times more deliciousness!

7 thoughts on “Q & A

  1. Hi!
    In what volumes do you sell the pure unsweetned almond milk?
    Can it be frozen?
    What is the price?

  2. Hi there,
    Can we purchase directly from you for delivery in Port Elizabeth. What is the price per product?
    Thank you

  3. Hi Tenielle. Unfortunately this is not yet an option as our Nut Milk is fresh and we need a special delivery system. We are working very hard at getting our milk distributed all over SA. Please keep in touch with us and we hope to be delivering soon!

  4. Hello! Thanks for the message. Sorry it can’t be frozen unfortunately. It costs R38 for a 345ml glass bottle.

  5. I made the wonderful discovery of your brand quite by accident , and what a find!
    I began a lifestyle change about two and half months ago, it’s taken me a while to get into nut milk. I am loving it and do not miss cows milk at all. Thank you for your passion and this very exciting brand!

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