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The debate about Lecithin and Soya

If you check labels religiously, you may have noticed something called Lecithin in our ingredients list and the allergen soy on our labels. A little insight, Almond Creamery was founded because we wanted to make a delicious, healthy alternative to the dairy-free options that were out there. Our founder is a nutritionist with a university degree in […]

Nut Tree

Top 5 reasons why we, and our customers, love our dairy-free nut milks:

1. Freshness: We are proud to be the only fresh nut milk available in South Africa. We use only the most natural ingredients and don’t add preservatives. Health and quality is at the top of our list, so it’s important to deliver that to you at all times. 2. More Bang for your Buck: Our […]

Why Macadamia Nuts?

If you’ve visited any Wellness Warehouse, Spar or Health Shop in Cape Town in the past few days looking for our almond milk, you may have noticed the little sticker shouting at you that we’ve added Macadamia Nuts to our almond milk. And perhaps you’ve wondered why on earth have we done this? Perhaps you’ve […]

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